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          适合cessful Professional Attire Closet at John Jay logo


          该 适合cessful Professional Attire Closet at the Center for Career & Professional Development is a program developed for current John Jay College undergraduate and graduate students who are interviewing for jobs and internships and are in need of appropriate professional attire.  该 closet serves as a resource for students who are able to reserve one full business suit for an interview or employer event.  Suits are free of charge to borrow, and must be returned dry-cleaned with a receipt attached.  A variety of suits and other professional attire pieces are available through the program.


          为了帮助og游戏官网平台大学生和维护 适合cessful服装衣柜,我们建立了一套政策和指导方针之下。我们需要您的支持,以确保所有的og游戏官网平台学生可以从项目中受益。不遵循的政策和指导方针的学生可能会被罚款或接收其他纪律处分。


          该 适合cessful服装衣柜方案是提供给当前的本科生和研究生的og游戏官网平台。

          Borrow & Return Policy: 

          Only one suit may be borrowed per transaction.  Clothing must be returned to the Center for Career & Professional Development on or before the date specified.  All suits must be returned in the same conditioned as received.  该 suit must be dry cleaned and have a receipt attached.  It must be free of odors, stains or damages.  Damaged, un-cleaned, lost items, or items returned without an attached dry cleaning receipt are subject to fees.  All suits are distributed on a first come, first served basis. 


          未能遵守这些政策将导致违反策略。那些在一学期累计两(2)违反政策的行为将无法访问的 适合cessful Clothing Closet for the duration of the academic year. Late Returns will result in a daily late fee of $25 for the inconvenience caused to other students. 该 suits in the closet are property of the Center for Career & Professional Development.  If a suit or clothing item is lost or damaged, the borrower will be charged a replacement fee as well as subject to possible disciplinary action.  Suits that are returned damaged or stained are also subject to a cleaning fee.  Please note the following replacement fees for each item:

          • 西装:$ 200
          • 外套:$ 100
          • 裤子:$ 50
          • 礼服衬衫:$ 50
          • 领带或其他附件:$ 30
          • 滞纳金:$ 25元一天,每件
          • 清洁费:每件$ 25



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