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          The 社区服务委员会’s is a mentorship program that provides John Jay College students with opportunities to participate in community service initiatives in the New York City area during the academic year. The Council will create events and opportunities that give students a valuable out-of-classroom experience that cultivate an awareness of community needs. The Council will strive to bridge John Jay students with their neighborhoods through service activities addressing local social issues. The Council acts as a resource for students and organizations to find and plan service initiatives. The Council represents the Office of Community Outreach & Service-Learning and promotes volunteerism and active citizenship on and off campus.


          The Community Service Council is a student-run organization directly advised by professional staff in the Office of Community Outreach & Service-Learning, whose primary purpose is to develop, plan, and implement a variety of community service initiatives for the John Jay College community. The 社区服务委员会 collectively works to plan and implement annual special events (Treats for Troops, Oxfam Hunger Banquet, National Volunteer Week), as well as various service projects (both on campus and at various community partners). The council is comprised of the College Relations Coordinators, Special Events Coordinators, Service Project Coordinators, 服务的学期 Coordinators, and Public Relations/Marketing Coordinators.


          • 成为同学领导人紧密的社区的一部分
          • 进一步发挥领导力,团队建设,演讲和活动策划能力
          • 做出的一天到一天的生活健康的选择,从食品到锻炼和超越
          • 满足和社区领袖,大专以上人员,管理工作
          • 赚取每学期500 $助学金



          • 展示给og游戏|官网平台的承诺,社区宣传办公室和社区服务委员会方案。 
          • 通过在一个体面的和适当的方式与其他CSC成员,顾问,教师/职员,学生和社区合作伙伴的交往作为大学的代表。 
          • 参加社会小时内双周员工会议
          • 每周完成10办公时间。 
          • 所有参加培训CSC日期(TBD)
          • 检查定期的电子邮件,以确保您被告知重要的公告。 
          • 满足至少每两周一次分配的顾问。 
          • 见面至少每周一次合作协调。



          • 个人的能力(领导能力和个人发展)
          • 慈善责任(服务的理解)
          • 在谁作为对资源给其他学生的学生所需要的人际交往能力提高的能力
          • 社会公正的责任(从服务工作而社会公正问题的理解)



          • 18+岁
          • 全日制学生(12+学分)
          • 的2.5分钟g.p.a
          • 社区服务委员会任期内250小时的服务完成(九月至五月)

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