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          Center f要么 Student Involvement & Leadership

          Center f要么 Student Involvement & Leadership

          The Center for Student Involvement & Leadership offers a wide array of cultural, educational, leadership and social activities to our students, faculty and staff. Getting involved in John Jay's student life is the quickest way for you to become a part of the College community, and to create your personal experience. Our office 要么ganizes programs and events, lectures, cultural presentations, leadership programs and social activities. These programs aim to enrich your experience and encourage you to develop your leadership abilities and express your talents. They allow you to build a strong connection with peers that have a diverse background and interests.


          Leadership & Service




          Leadership & Service: involves developing skills to manage, direct, change & lead others toward positive educational, civic, community & career endeav要么s
          多样性:发展表示赞赏,认识和别人观点的理解 社区建设:通过互动与同行,教师和行政人员发展上大学的人有意义的联系 课外学习:正式和非正式外的类的学习机会直接链接到学习是正在发生在教室里。 





          • 参与公平
          • 开拓者系列领导
          • 周杰伦合班
          • jaylinc
          • 无压力区
          • CISL奖项
          • gaypril
          • 社区对话
          • 领导力和成功的国家社会


          学生们 tabling on the Jay Walk.

          1.  置信度
          2. 沟通技巧
          3. 谈判技巧
          4. 管理技能
          5. 联网
          6. 简历脱颖而出


          Hernan Carvente, student and founder of Youth Justice Club.

          埃尔南carventeog游戏官网平台是青少年司法俱乐部的高层和创始人。我 og游戏官网平台在少年拘留所度过四年后的来到。现在高级刑事司法专业,我致力于促进青少年司法原因和对话。  学到更多

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