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          Campus Office Services & 记录管理

          Campus Office Services & 记录管理


          The Office of Campus Office Services & 记录管理 at og游戏|官网平台 is an essential division of the College. This area strives to enhance Financial and Business Services effectiveness through the efficient delivery of services which include the management of Central Receiving & Stockroom; 复印机; 收发室; Print shop/NH Copy Center, and Records management. This entity manages the billing for non-tax levy units; monitors usage for services (copying, printing, postage etc.,) to all departments and assigns allocations to the academic and administrative departments annually. This area is also responsible for the assignation of department designees to gain access to proftech.com 和JJC仓库。

          The mission of Campus Office Services & 记录管理 is to assist faculty, staff and students to ably access all the pertinent services within the college, allowing them to achieve and meet their needs in a timely and productive manner; and to delivery excellent customer service in support of the College’s mission.


          The NYS copier contract is administered by Campus Office Services & 记录管理, which manages the College contract and is the liaison between the college and the vendor. All requests for new copiers should come through this office. Copier toner may be acquired through the JJC online Stockroom.



          og游戏|官网平台档案管理程序上记录保留较大的纽约市立大学的政策,只能用纸质记录的交易的一部分。这个部门通知即将到来的日期的记录碎纸的社区。如果你想出售的记录,请联系埃斯特法尼亚迪布阿,分机号。 8530。

          为了购买耗材从stapleslink.com和/或JJC库房,一 指派表格 与指定人的名字和由系主任签字,必须提交到这个办公室,这反过来将这些名称添加到在线订购系统。


          Policies & Procedures 

          og游戏|官网平台的政策和程序简编 (约翰杰内部)

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