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          "Peer tutors are fellow John Jay learners that have successfully completed the same or similar courses and have demonstrated mastery of the content.  Working with your professor and peer tutors will help bridge any gaps of understanding from the classroom lecture using various student-driven learning strategies.  Peer tutors help drive comprehension by facilitating or co-facilitating recitation sessions and interactive group activities.  Additionally, peer tutors are available for one-to-one tutoring at the Math & Science Resource Center by appointment or drop-in.  Peer tutors are trained and motivated to be your resource to ensure a successful learning experience this semester and beyond."  请访问以了解更多信息。

          • 计算机科学,数据和统计资源中心(位于6.64 NB)

          “欢迎学生在上午8:00和下午10:00,平日中午和下午5:00或下午6:00,周六和周日之间6.64 NB随时在实验室工作,他们可以找到的统计信息支持计数。如对计划的学生无需预约 - 他们可以只要求在统计台的帮助“。  请访问以了解更多信息。


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