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          DEP的保护。导演, Office of 国际 Studies & Programs
          His current research interests include the linguistic self-esteem of heritage-language learners abroad, bilingualism in contemporary Maya literary production in Guatemala, and the maintenance of indigenous languages in Latin America. Kenneth earned his BA (summa cum laude) in French Literature & Medieval Studies from Rutgers University; MA in Intercultural Management & 国际 Education from SIT 毕业 Insitute; MA in Latin American, Caribbean, & Latinx Studies from CUNY 毕业 Center; ABD in Comparative & 国际 Development Education from University of Minnesota. 肯尼斯是一口流利的英语,西班牙语,法语和葡萄牙语,并学习一些瑞典和德国。



          Daniel advises students on JJC-run and -affiliated study-abroad programs best suited for the College's unique majors. A proud alumnus of John Jay College, he participated on a variety of study-abroad programs. His first experience abroad was for a full semester at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute in Florence, Italy where he completed coursework on international organizations, organized crime, and Italian culture. His second experience was during the January term at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya (IDC Herzliya), Israel where he studied Middle Eastern affairs and counterterrorism. His third experience was on a faculty-led, summer program with Professor Yuliya Zabyelina in Vienna, Austria where he learned firsthand from the integral members of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, co-authored a case study on Europol for the international SHERLOC (Sharing Electronic 资源 & Law on Crime) database. To the OISP, Daniel brings his excitement for and dedication to campus internationalization so that all Bloodhounds get to have a significant international experience here in NYC and abroad.

          他的丹尼尔·巴赢得了在国际刑事司法与og游戏|官网平台,纽约市立大学政治学未成年人,是他在国际关系目前正在攻读硕士 鲍威尔学校的公民和全球领导力在纽约城市学院, 纽约市立大学。他目前的研究重点是欧洲和俄罗斯的政治。丹尼尔说流利的英语,俄语和意大利语,而且正在学一些德语。

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